Saturday, June 10, 2006

Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

Frankly speaking, I bought this tool because it looked cute, and was skeptical if it would actually come in use. I was wrong, this small little thing has come to rescue on many occasions. Especially the #1 Phillips Screwdriver and the (straight & serrated)knife. Actually, I think I found a 7th use for it - I used it as a wire cutter just yesterday to cut a magnet wire. As, it locks onto one's keychain, it is something you can always rely on being present whenever you need it where ever you are. The space requirement is equal to just another key on your keychain. With a little improvisation one can use it beyond its 6 functions at times. The original 6 functions are:

  • #1 Phillips Screwdriver
  • #1 Flat Screwdriver
  • One very small supposed to be screwdriver
  • Straight blade Knife
  • Serrated blade Knife
  • Bottle Opener

Avaliable from
IWOOT - £9.95
- $9.99

Mfg's Site:


Butchieboy said...

That is sweet. I'm ordering one right now. It does open bottles, right?

Dev's Lab said...

Yes it does. Should have posted the lsit of functions

Anonymous said...

This is a good start!