Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Google Earth for Linux

I always held a view that Linux and Google were always hand in hand. So, imagine my disappointment when a Google Earth is released for Windows "by Google" before releasing a version for Linux. My concerns were alleviated when I learnt that Google Earth was formerly called Earth Viewer a product of Keyhole Inc. Keyhole was acquired by Google some years back. Phew and that explained why there was a google product which was released on Windows platform before being released on Linux. After learning this, the only question that was left unanswered (till now) was - When? When was Google Labs coming out with a Google Earth for Linux. Well ... its here. Google officially announced day before yesterday a version 4 of Google earth and this version is supposed to run on Linux and Mac OS X.



Anonymous said...

Well google did release google earth for linux, but thanks to crappy manufacturers, one of whom being ati, many are unable to use it. The opensource radeon driver is incomplete and there appears no easy way to update the dri driver to the latest, which has a workaround.

I hope more people realize they don't have to be a coder to help out opensource, they could do things like help organize a project so the information is more accessible.

Dev's Lab said...

Yes, that is correct. I was planning on a website myself but, then there a are plenty of Linux sites. I try to be a part in any small way I can.

Especially, in the light of Ballmer's ugly attempts to create FUD's, I think it is even more important that open source "lover's" come out and stand up for the truth.

Also, things are improving more commercial organizations are taking open source more seriously. Even laptop manufacturers may start offering Linux as an option soon. The driver situation is likely to improve then.
Dell to offer Linux