Friday, September 22, 2006

Shower Shock Caffeinated soap

Accidental under-exposure but I will keep the picture. Gives it a bit of an evil gleam. Its evil I tell ya its eevul.

Ahem... about the soap. Nice minty smell. So does it work at invigorating you in the mornings? Well ... I don't know. I can tell you one thing that it doesn't shock you.
I am a kind of a guy who can compete with a sloth in "slothiness". So "wake you up" products rarely work with me. I did not go back to bed after taking a bath with shower shock (yes there have been instances of that too). Okay for a proper evaluation I will need to discount for the placebo effect, have a controlled experiment, have some statistical evidence, some time and lots of bathing. Will keep you posted with the test results. Has definitely replaced whatever soap I was using so far. Another thing 12 washes!?! Who can finish a soap bar of this size in 12 washes?
- 5 Bars - 20 $

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HAL 9000 usb memory unit

Boy everyone carries a usb memory stick now a days. Of all the people in the world my grandmother carries one - with her recipes, our family pictures... wow. She couldn't believe I never owned one ever ... being a computer engineer. I.. I never needed one so far.

Okay they do come in handy I accept. They are almost an EDC with most people today.. some wear theirs as a fashion accessory, some get a nice feeling that they always have their important files and pictures (maybe even porn) with them where ever go. Okay Okay I agree.

Now the question is which one should I get? Saw this at ThinkGeek they have a 2GB version so far so good .. its called HAL! with a non functional symbol of HAL's eye .. decision made. Here it is.

Couple of things:
1) It is smaller than it looks.
2) cute.
3) Detail: the small hole to put the line to attach a lanyard has a corresponding accomodating notch in the transparent plastic protector. impressive.
4) the HAL's eye is just print, but its got a blue LED near the edge.
5) Available only at ThinkGeek and the package does not say who is the manufacturer. Thought it was just a dressed up version of PQI Intelligent Stick. Doesn't appear so. Update (25th Sept 2006): The manufacturer appears to be either Super Talent Flash, Inc or OCZ Technology. The packaging suggested the former but its most definitely the later. Also, look at an interesting recently released product from OCZ Technology - the Roadster.

Available at:
1GB - 49.99$, 2GB $69.99

Arc-AAA Premium Flashlight

Just recieved mine. How could I resist? ... after reading these:
Customer reviews at Amazon
Military Morons

So how does it fare at Dev's Lab. Wait till it gets really really dark. You won't need the reviews to tell you to make this your Everyday Carry Flashlight.

Sadly, my child hood camp flashlight (which I still keep for the sake of nostalgia) no longer works for a comparison. But keep checking will definitely post comparisons as and when I can lay my hands on (beg, borrow or steal) flashlights for comparison.

Gallery of other Arc FlashLights (Before the company closed down)

Keep the great lights coming Peter Gransee.

Available at:
Arc Flashlight - $39.95

Monday, September 04, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter" No more. Steve Irwin dead.

Steve Irwin was killed today by the barb of a stingray off the coast of Queensland Australia. We owe a lot to him for hours and hours of entertainment and knowledge about crocodiles and wildlife. Sad news. He was 44. IMDB

We will miss him a lot.