Friday, September 22, 2006

Shower Shock Caffeinated soap

Accidental under-exposure but I will keep the picture. Gives it a bit of an evil gleam. Its evil I tell ya its eevul.

Ahem... about the soap. Nice minty smell. So does it work at invigorating you in the mornings? Well ... I don't know. I can tell you one thing that it doesn't shock you.
I am a kind of a guy who can compete with a sloth in "slothiness". So "wake you up" products rarely work with me. I did not go back to bed after taking a bath with shower shock (yes there have been instances of that too). Okay for a proper evaluation I will need to discount for the placebo effect, have a controlled experiment, have some statistical evidence, some time and lots of bathing. Will keep you posted with the test results. Has definitely replaced whatever soap I was using so far. Another thing 12 washes!?! Who can finish a soap bar of this size in 12 washes?
- 5 Bars - 20 $

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