Friday, September 21, 2007

Light My Fire's Swedish Firesteel Mini

Light My Fire (LMF) released a new Mini version of their excellent Swedish Firesteel. I think Ryan Jordan may have had some hand in the design of these. Excerpt from Backpacking Light

"At the heart of this kit is the new Firesteel Mini firestarter. Ryan commissioned the design and manufacture of this product for the ultralight community - at less than half the weight of a Firesteel Scout, the Firesteel Mini should prove its worth to the ultralight community when every gram is debatable. The firestarting tool, the sparker, and the cord have all been lightened up in the Firesteel Mini." -- Backpacking Light

I already reviewed the Swedish Firesteel (Army Model) some time back. A life time supply of sparks. By the way, of all the flints "and fire rods" that I have tried, this (Light My Fire Firesteel) is by far the best and has come to be my favourite. Its just the "quality". Good large and hot sparks. Even the provided striker is excellent. I think it may actually last me a life time (if I don't lose it that is).

Problem: it is too big for my modified Penrith tin. Their scout model just doesn't cut it. This is just perfect when you want the comfort of a quality product in a really small size.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"By Endurance We Conquer"

This was Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton's family motto. This bird has earned it. It made the longest recorded nonstop flight ever measured - 7,145 miles (11,500 kilometers). Simply wow. For comparison - Even F16s and a Boing 737 cannot manage half of that without refueling.

National Geographic via Newlaunches