Sunday, September 24, 2017

Electronics: Wire Stripping with Weidmuller Stripax

I have been using Vessel 3500 1 and 2 wire strippers and have been quite happy with them. But, during my last project, custom connectors came to focus. There was a lot of stripping (wires ;-)) and crimping. I decided to try out an automatic wire stripper. Searching and reading reviews, I came across these. Pulled the trigger and got one. The Weidmuller Stripax 9005000000.

I must admit, the difference was night and day. The time savings were significant. Fool proof wire stripping. Below is a video of me stripping 16 (brown), 18 (white), 26 (black) and 28 AWG (grey ribbon cable). All these were done without adjusting the tool for the wire gauge. Its rated for wires between 28 - 7 AWG. I haven't used the Vessel wire strippers since. And, those were my favorites. A bit on the expensive side. But, worth every penny. Excellent.

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