Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Openmoko and gPhone rumour

I have been watching the Openmoko (FIC Neo1973) developments like a predator stalking its prey. But, pouncing on the "Phase I" release of the phone - I must admit requires much too much courage for me. I am waiting and saving for their Phase 2 release due in October. I was initially eying the Greenphone, but, after this, I gotta have an Openmoko.

But, guess what Google may be eying the Openmoko too for its rumored gPhone. Too much heat ...

Buy Openmoko here
Openmoko developments here
For Greenphone go here
A List of Linux based Mobile Phones

gPhone Rumors (Hopefully there will be more):
More gPhone rumours
Google Using OpenMoko For gPhone?

My next phone has to be Open and has to run Linux.

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