Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) - Initial Impressions

Plenty to explore and talk about but, I think these were the first few things that caught my attention.

1. Disk usage analyzer: A Linux user's conditioned reflex when asked to look up disk usage - du and df. Well stumbled upon 2 new interesting ways to view disk usage (Applications -> Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyzer).

for the graphical usage map (right click on a folder name on the left pane).

2. How interesting can a battery applet get? It's just supposed to show you how much juice is left in your batteries. Well... click on the battery icon. You are greeted with a fair amount of info about your batteries. Then, right click and view the power history. It shows how much power your laptop has been sucking up in watts plotted against time since the system started.

The graph above told me some interesting things about my machine:
  • consumption between an idle CPU and 100% CPU utilization is about 20W!. The >35W on the graph is my CPU on ~100% (Used BOINC to run seti@home jobs to fill up the idle times).
  • And the display takes about 5W between off and full brightness.
3. And then there is Beryl........

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