Monday, January 04, 2010

The Scheme of things

With the pipeline (SICP 6.001) at MIT, producing the most seasoned schemers, replaced with a one churning out seasoned pythons@ (6.00) - the population of schemers is bound to dwindle with time. Reasoned Schemers look on, on how their kind gets fewer and fewer. consing, caring, cdring and letting with lambda the ultimate produced a structured mind only to watch scheming go into obsoleteness? Even a reasoning mind is unable to fathom the reasons behind this move. But, MIT must have had good reasons for their transitions. I guess this is how a beautiful language fades into oblivion.

I am being bit over dramatic and this is old news. Scheme is a very interesting language, but "The Times They Are A-Changing". I guess for the little schemers it will be boredom of Java for a living§. Now run* and get freshρ. You may want to first run1, run2 ... so on, till you can run*. All that running made you hungry? - well have some tofu. What you had a (cons tofu (cons cheese (cons pizza (quote()))))? What are the health benefits of that? Don't askφ.

@ Why are analogies imperfect? MITian's are great people. The analogy is broken.
The Little Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer, The Reasoned Schemer, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Thank you. Bob Dylan
§ 2010-03-02 Talking of a language as a means to understanding programming concepts. Existing libraries and interface to current technologies - a discussion for some other day.
ρ Get some exercise after all that pizza & cheese
φ Don't tell. Thank you, Mr Bond.


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