Friday, March 21, 2008

Blue Ant z9

Wonder how I lived without one of these for so long. Guess, wanted to abstain from moving around town looking like one of those self styled and self proclaimed "secret agents". But, the sound quality, convenience and ultra light weight makes me join their league - I apologize. This is my first Bluetooth headset so can't make an objective comparison.

I have pretty much stopped picking up the mobile directly after this. I don't wear this on my ear all the time, just clip it on my shirt. When I receive a call, this speedily and miraculously gets worn on the ear. One doesn't insert this into one's ear canal, it justs rests outside -- very comfortable and easy to remove and put on quickly. Has dual microphones and voice isolation (in software) which is pretty good and provides clear sound to both the listener and the one whom you are talking to.

Most of all, very good for times when one has to take that important call while driving.

For using this in Ubuntu:
Put z9 in pairing mode (or reset mode)

$hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:1C:D8:01:9A:21 BlueAnt Z9 v3.4

$sudo modprobe snd_bt_sco

$btsco -v 00:1C:D8:01:9A:21
btsco v0.42
Device is 1:0
Voice setting: 0x0060
RFCOMM channel 2 connected
Using interface hci0

For Skype:
Options > Sound Devices >
Sound In :BT Headset (hw:Headset,0)
Sound Out :BT Headset (hw:Headset, 0)
Ringing:BT Headset (hw:Headset, 0)

VLC Player:
Preferences > Audio > ALSA > Refresh: BT Headset: BT SCO PCM (hw:1.0)

retails for 99$. Got mine for 59$ on ebay
Blue Ant z9

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